Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a friend that was an airline pilot. I asked him if he felt a huge responsibility for getting everyone to their destination safely. His answered shocked me. He said, “I am not too concerned with them. I just want to get there myself.” I thought to myself this guy is a selfish jerk. His attitude bothered me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. After about three weeks, I finally got it. If the pilot doesn’t there, no one will get to their destination.

That was a great leadership lesson for me. Since that day, one of my focuses has been to make sure I am getting there myself. That is why my personal Bible study, prayer, and spiritual disciplines are a priority. If I am not taking care to move closer to Christ, those who are following will not move closer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Splash the Wonder Dog is prone to wander. Yesterday, I let her out and then got distracted doing something. When I realized she wasn’t near me, I called for her to come. I called and there was no Splash. She had sniffed herself out the range of my voice. She had gone from being Splash the Wonder Dog to being my little lost sheep. I immediately went into shepherd mode and began my search for the wandering pup. I found her in the field on the other side of the house with her nose to the ground following an interesting scent. I was happy to see her and angry that she had wandered so far away. When she saw me coming, she wasn’t sure if I was mad or happy. She tucked her tail between her legs while it was wagging. That same scene has been played out in my life because I tend to be prone to wander. I often find myself coming to the Father after I have wandered away. I am thankful He forgives my wandering.