Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Splash the Wonder Dog

When Splash the Wonder Dog wants attention, she grabs something and then taunts me with it. She will grab a sock, a shoe, or anything else that will fit in her mouth. She then positions herself in front me and begins a soft growl. The game is on. I chase her, and she evades me. This doesn’t last long because she has one purpose in this game. After a minute or so, she hurls her body at me with her belly up. She releases the thing that she has captured with her mouth and waits for her reward. This whole thing is about Splash getting her belly rubbed. That is why she is the Wonder Dog.

1 comment:

  1. Jazzy's, the 6 pound Yorkie, wants to play tug of war with her toy, until she tires and want to sit in Susan's lap. As I have often said, Jazz is my dog till Susan gets home. What wonderful friends our animals are. Jazzy's clever trick is to never eat unless Susan is present and her food has been warmed in the microwave!